26 September 2010

Time Haiku

Breaths pass, moments tick
In Time's abyss...forever
Why do I waste them?

it will happen

22 September 2010

Keyhole Haiku

I leave the key out
it leaves free spirits and breeze
ways to come and go

21 September 2010


She is waiting..somewhat impatiently.
She's been around for a while. She lives in a novel I've been slowly tapping away at.

Many overlooked her as a mere woman until she allowed a portrait to be painted.
In the portrait, she displayed her prize.

Her Prize

Detail of a painting I have been working on... For three years. I never finished it.

It's a gentle reminder that Madam is knocking on my door lately.
Darla... she says... have you forgotten? You promised to spill all the gory details. Now get to it.

10 September 2010

What was the worst advice you've ever received?

To "forego art and writing and get a real job, you can do the others in your spare time."
What a crock! I only wasted years working for someone else's benefit, and ignoring my passions.

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