28 February 2009

Vintage Men's Shirts

In Hunter's debut as a Love Street model, he caught the bug for good quality vintage. The great 1960's Sear's and Roebuck Perma-Prest shirt he has on here has been commandeered by him. I made him a deal. If he wants it (which he does) and he wears it he will have to take a stack of Love Street Vintage cards and pass them out to anyone who asks about his ultra-unique threads...man.

The second shirt here by Van Heusen is a 70's gem, which is luckily a bit too small for Hunter. So, it will be up for sale by the beginning of the week. If you like the 60's Sears shirt, maybe he could be persuaded out of it if the price is right. Make an offer!

27 February 2009

Hard to Find Books

Vintage also applies to books....
This great early Female Empowerment tome from 1976 is still pertinent today in many ways. However, it is dated, which actually makes it fun to read.
Many more books will be going up this weekend, including 80's bodice ripper romances. Talk about Love Street...

20 February 2009

Vintage 80's Jordache Jacket

This lightweight Jordache jacket will be going up for auction this weekend. Joining it will be several secretary blouses and some great vintage men's shirts. Stop by!

14 February 2009

Fossil Scallop Shells

These are a few of my favorite things.... Collected from the Lower Yorktown Formation in southeastern Virginia, I am always thrilled at being only the second human to touch these fossils which are about 4 million years old. Out of the sediment, these Chesapecten jeffersonius go from the collector's hands to mine....on occasion, straight to mine. We never alter or coat the fossils. They are carefully excavated and simply rinsed off in fresh water.
As always, great care will be taken when shipping any item from Love Street. These items are fragile, and will be carefully wrapped, then sent in a Priority Mail shipping carton from USPS for safe delivery. Shipping labels are created through PayPal for free tracking.
Shop with confidence. I am an honest seller with a reputation for great service and quality offerings.
Bid now, don't miss out!

13 February 2009

Boardwalk Trail at Washington's Ditch

This is one of my favorite paths to go down...it seems to go on forever. You can get the authentic sensation that you could get completely lost in this wilderness without the walkway as your guide. You can let your mind wander, under the canopy, just what it might have been like if you were searching for something. Just as easily, you can wonder what it might have been like to come here to become lost, as many freedom-seekers did.

The 'Dismal Town' historical marker on the boardwalk trail educates visitors.

10 February 2009

Love Street Jewelry

Not all items at Love Street are vintage. Many are new handmade pieces, like these necklaces. Each one is a unique work of art that is shaped and designed in the moment, inspired by my mood and environment. Sometimes, I wear a creation out to gauge opinion and interest, but I will always let my customers know if a piece has been worn (and how often) when it goes up for auction.

I fell in love with this glass lampwork sea star pendant the moment I saw it...

I bought three sea stars, each one completely different. One more is the center of a finished necklace, and the other awaits inspiration to strike. I will post more sea stars in the future, look out for them!
This oxbone scrimshaw mermaid was strung on all natural sinew with tiny shells, wood and glass beads spaced by knotting the sinew periodically. A bit of wire bending and she turned out beautiful. Alas, she is sold and gone from me.

Check back often to see what new is in store...literally.

09 February 2009

New! Groovy Floppy Hat

This Love Street Original hat is funk-tacular. The super bulky weight yarn by Caron® Simply Soft® makes the hat pliable and comfortable, and has a great sheen. The flower is made of the same yarn in contrasting colors giving the hat an even brighter show, which is quite a feat considering the hue of orange on display!
Groove to your own beat and snag this unique hand-crocheted sunhat. Only at Love Street Vintage.

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