24 July 2009

How Does Your TweetGarden Grow?

I have been on Twitter for nearly a year now, the first few months I didn't do much with it. I didn't know what to do with it, to be honest.
....until two things happened:

1. I acquired my very own, sleek Tweetdeck.
2. I began using Tweetdeck's search columns for topics in which I'm interested.

Very quickly I began to find people to follow. Instead of the spambot and advertiser followers, real people with real conversations and links of interest began to follow back. Twitter then became both a tool and entertainment, rolled up into one extremely efficient window where I could channel column after column of interesting people and information in a concise format easy to read and easy to interact with.

There have been issues from time to time, and weirdo's are always abundant, but with a little love, care and sometime ruthless pruning, you too can have a thoroughly enjoyable TweetGarden of your very own.

On Fridays there is the reciprocation fest known as #FollowFriday where Twitter users tell their followers who is worth following by making an @ mention. This is all well and good, and I do like to participate, however your timeline is just a mess, and so many at a time is just overkill, truthfully.

Here is the weekly updated list of people I really enjoy, so you can enjoy them as well if they seem to be a good fit. Happy Tweets!

People that just click, elemental, personal, with no reasons.


Atheist, Freethinkers, and Skeptics:

News, Activism, and Earthwatchers

06 July 2009

Southern Quotes - Robert E. Lee

"A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday does not know where
it is today."
--Robert E. Lee

05 July 2009

Blackbeard Pirate Festival - Hampton, Va

Every year we go. Arrrgh-ing all the way...This is from last year's naval battle scene. This year's photos are not downloaded yet. Oh, matey, never fear, I will place them here...
uh-oh I feel a haiku coming on...
Once a year pirate?
Nay. Everyday has its way
Of turning me Arrrghn.

King Neptune - Virginia Beach

Still just playing with the photos, wondering why they seemed bigger before. Maybe it's the template, or just that Blogspot shrinks them down more than Wordpress, and now I'm spoiled.

Ah well, won't be the first time.

This shot was taken two years ago in January. The sky doesn't look quite as blue in July at Virginia Beach.

Lake Drummond - Great Dismal Swamp

Just playing with the image settings.

RePost: The Witch Tree

This one had been posted on a long deleted blog, and it is one of my favorite shots of a tree I photograph quite often, when I visit it. Which I am supposed to, next weekend. We will see how she looks then.

Importing and Wordpress

I have been using the platform at Wordpress for a few months, and still haven't decided what to do about it. I like both platforms, so I'm seriously thinking of posting on both each time. For right now, I'm just trying to import the various blog posts I have around the web onto Barefoot Heathen. Hence the weird combination of past subject matter.
Consolidation to make things easier.
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