19 February 2010


Only weeks after last years wildfires, I saw moss growing on the spongy swamp floor while on a solitary walkabout through my special place, The Great Dismal Swamp
Ever changing timelessness, as close as I will ever come to infinity.
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The roots of a tree upturned after a wildfire in the Great Dismal Swamp.

So tangly and gnarly,
I stood ever so still in the cold and watched little critters carefully emerge and return to their endeavors in progress before I so rudely interrupted, with my large mammalian interference.

Going Mobile

Much like my twitter account, I like to send pictures of stuff right in front of me. In my neglecting state of late, I thought it would be easy to put in a few words from out in the field.

Glad to see my test picture worked.

Now I can blah blah blah all day in more than 140 characters.


18 February 2010


I do believe I like it better simple. No extras to load, and everthing easy to find.

I have spent a few days just strolling around the 'next blog' tab like I used to when I first began using blogger. Observations:

  • I hate pages with lots of flashy uploads and ads I'll never click on.
  • There are way too many blogs about blogging (black hole, anyone?)
  • Still some WAAAAY too personal stuff being put out there.
  • I don't know what to do with mine, and never have.

I'm too flighty to dedicate Barefoot Heathen to one facet of anything, so I'll just let it keep being a record of whatever the fuck I want.


Dusting it off and changing a few things.

Whittle away, whittle away.
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