02 August 2011

To Be At My Own Fingertips

I can't stress enough how forcing myself to go without internet, as well as actually not being able to have it even if I could at times... was an eye opening experience.

I lived as a child before the 'information age'. This didn't mean I was without a craving for information. Forever reading... at the library, through my mom and dad's library filled with encyclopedias and our National Geographic magazines, discarded school textbooks.

Then this thing... AOL a way to get on the world wide web. This... google... ask it anything. Look at this extraultralglobalicious information portal... hooked-up.

You know I was, and am, and so glad to have it back.
All these stupid little phones and tablets and such just doesn't cut it for my X-Gen sized mind.
To be able to be me, and to find me... wherever I want to find myself is so visceral, I have to have it.

Glad to be back,

I have so much to tell you...
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