21 March 2010

Racism- Throwback, Pure White Sugar

Man, retro is really where it's at, and that's a fact, Jack.

If you have to say: "it's not because he's black" after you state how much you dislike someone...
It IS because he's black and you are a racist.
You are pointing out the fact that you believe it makes a difference. It's a cop out.
"He's not MY president... and, it's not because he's black, either. I just don't like his pol-u-sees."
You don't like him because he's not lily-white. He could figure out a way to clean up the whole world and personally make you rich, and you would still find him wrong in every way.

Barack Obama isn't the poster child for your Amerika, and it makes your skin crawl.

Me, I'm out. I don't care. But you sure are ugly, Miss American Pie.

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