22 March 2010

Violence Or Health?

If you choose health, I'ma gonna come at you with good old fashioned KKK style violence.

"Patriots" vandalize Democrat Offices ... In more than one place!

This is a problem. These ignorant, low life hicks have been
twisted and turned
roasted on a putrid spit
made by their own party leaders

They don't recognize their country,
because it never existed
beyond what they were told
during Cowboy Jim and Mikey Moose hours
while eating the wholesome prepackaged foods
now made even easier with micro-waves
and moms who bring home the bacon.
Give me a Fucking break.
you've been had.
By your baseball, and your pie
and your White-washed suburban streets
where you knew the dark people didn't come
except to clean your drain.
Now you wonder...
where did all the people with scarves on their heads come from?
Oh, my those new people that moved in
They ain't speakin' English, and how come Tampax has 'mexican' instructions.
God gamn them all to hell, they are takin over, I swear.

I'm going to show 'em I
will take back MY AmeriKa
with Violence....
it's the american way?

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