20 March 2010


I was just thinking about making a tag for 'words' since I'm always searching for new ones to expand my palette for the art of writing.
I signed up for a word-a-day in my email inbox about a year ago, and thought I'd scan it for some content.
Lo! One of my favorites, and one I use as a category tag on my main blog Barefoot Heathen was the word of the day.
So it is the first tagged word on DarlaStuff. I'll make it a tag here too, because it's versatile.

PRONUNCIATION: (gal-uh-MAW-free)

Noun: A hodgepodge; a jumble.

ETYMOLOGY: From Middle French galimafree (stew), probably from galer (to make merry) + mafrer (to gorge oneself).

DarlaStuff sentence:  In that top drawer, you'll find a gallimaufry of jewelry I never wear.

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