16 May 2010

Storms Anew

The air rises in the coming storm
Sweeping over the sleeping people
Blowing cool through the open windows

Amphibian swamp symphonies
Harmonize with insectual sexuality
Calling in joyous earthy rapture for the rain

In a sudden hush the bog's lush life
Stops to reckon the quickening lightning
Riding on the heat of a spent day

A tap and a pat pittered down
On leaves at first, then hits the ground
The swamp gives way to the sound of
All abrupt, life erupts outside the house
As within when wind lashes the water splatters
Shatters the easy dreams of sleeping beings

Awake, awake with you
look at what I can do
I put on a show for you to view

Anew, Anew you in the blue light of my fury
watch me wash your dusty world
And give you life, anew.

1 comment:

  1. I like how the mood shifts in this, so fluidly and naturally. I could hear the sssshhh of the rain on the water when I read this. Wonderfully done.


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