15 May 2010


People who untie knots and untangle skeins
of yarn or chains
know this very well.

When untangling a confluctuated
bumble fucktuation
you must find your ends first.


  1. I liked this right off the bat, even without thinking about it beyond its surface meaning.

    'Bumble fucktuation' is a lovely phrase. I intend to start using it in speech and writing.

    I have a habit of starting things in the middle, or leaping ahead to the middle in part at least in some ways, so the advice really resonated with me.

    Thanks again for a great piece of work.

  2. I wrote this after untangling kite strings, literally. While I did it, I untwisted thoughts in my mind. Success on both fronts.
    I make up stuff as it rolls off :) Thank you!


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