25 June 2010

Working For Me

Not too long ago, while I was lamenting on how I felt spread too thin, I was given a mantra.

You need to pick your spot, choose your moment and stick with that, but never give up variety
So, I mulled..
I do that, often, maybe too much, but that's not MY problem.

How do I offer up the best of my abilities and make a seismic ripple?
How do I feed my family without greasing someone else's wheels, as I watch mine go to bare metal?

Where do the best of my abilities lie? Is it writing? Art? Teaching?

Painting is my native language.
Teaching is an ability I am lucky to possess

I'm going to open up my studio at Quarter Moon House via web cast.
I'm recording video on painting and sketching with a brush
I'll continue to write, but I have neglected my artwork.
I can feel the dark longing from my native tongue,
crying because I have neglected
the bud of self.

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