11 July 2010

Blackbeard Pirate Festival - Hampton VA - Day 2

By far, the Blackbeard Festival is our favorite of the annual fests around Hampton Roads. It is the only one that can get me out for at least 2 of the three days.

The scene is free, literally. No admission tickets needed, and plenty of free parking right smack dab in the middle of it all.

Loads of fest-y food and drink, and best of all, places to sit, eat, drink and be merry.

This is very attractive to my tribe. Who likes to stand and juggle a gyro and a beer? Not us.

Hampton Police force also does a fine job of being lenient, and inconspicuous. Translate that as being a very low-hassle event.

This year I went out adult-style on Friday, then took the younger of my boys on Saturday. 

The brat turned on his old mam and tried to capture her at the point of his blunderbuss... earning the ire of her dastardly dark side, conjured up and evident in her meanest pirate face.

"GGRrrrr YAR! I'll butter me homebaked bread with the marrow from yer bones, ye turncoat."

Teeth: Tools yer mama told you not to use and then uses herself to chew through the restraints, or tie on a motherly leather wristlet.

 Pirates take pictures, too.

Last year I took these shots of a van that I fell in love with, because I figured, 'that's dedication'.

Yes.. that is a ships wheel affixed to the steering wheel.

 This year I find out it belongs to The Brigands who had entertained us greatly last night, and again today (in a more intimate setting 'unplugged' style)

So... I bought a CD for a tenner from a beautiful lass, I believe was named Baby-Punch McGee which helped them gas up their brilliant land yacht to head off on more piratey adventures.

Meanwhile... at Pirate's Cove...

it was dinnertime...

The best was watching the kids swordfighting and then dancing in the round in front of the Bunch of Grapes Tavern at Pirates Cove.

Wild little heathens... it was great.

The dancing was the best, and I will tell you why...
The young lady is trying to get the kids to dance in a circle, but they won't get it together when the music starts.

It quickly progresses to a free-for-all of movement and screamy fun. I love looking at the different body gyrations they are so joyously going through.

Even the pirates had to get into it...

And yea, oh yea they lit up the bridge 'waterfall' of sparks

Yo Ho Ho.. Until next year mateys!


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. In my city we have CONTRABAND DAYS, a celebration of Jean Lafitte and a wistful yearning to find just where along Contraband Bayou he hid his stolen loot.

    Your pictures made me feel as if I were there. Thanks, Roland

  3. And celebrating piracy is also a very good thing, of course... :):):)


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