15 October 2010

A Selection of Scribbles


Poisonous American Discourse.
Propaganda, of course.
Run amok through brains of muck - mired in the bog of McSulci and WalMartapoptosis.
Black orchid of the hot-house variety
Bred intentionally
Forced into existence
Against the natural way of the world


Education is not the act of being taught, it's the act of using the tools given to you by the learned to actively seek the truth for yourself.
Take what is told to you lightly, and run to the nearest forest of knowledge and blaze a path to the truth for yourself.
You will never forget the way, then... For you are the trailblazer of knowledge within your mind
Free Bird

Hark! The breathless feeling
of change.
A leap of faith
causing me to contort
in midair with
the suppleness of a cat
-- Natural Acrobat --
landing -- surefooted
no matter the takeoff
position, propulsion, or
-- Even Steven --
I live to stay in
this flow no matter its
direction, intention, or
I make it change
course because I
have that power. I am
free... I can do what I want


  1. Love the "Seeking", strikes a powerful chord in an aging and tired mind such as mine.

  2. The Moon
    on a cat


    As a native Swede, I am particularly proud of my love poetry suite Sonnets for Katie.

    My Poems

    My wallpaper art Babes!

    Sexuality introduces Death to Being; and indeed Life simultaneously. This is the profound Myth of the Eden. The work of the Serpent. Bringing us out of "blessed" Standstill. So, in contrast to the mindless pietism of vulgar Christianity, my personal "Christo-Satanism" should be given serious thought by the Enlightened Few, the Pneumatics, the 1% Outlaws. The Light Bringer must be rehabilitated, beacause if not, the All of it simply doesn't make sense: true Catholicism is necessarily Meta Catholicism.
    You can NOT enter black hole. It's impossible. This follows immediately from general relativity theory. Proof: for an object moving let' say (along a straight line) towards a black hole, for any arbitrarily chosen distance it has laid behind itself, the reaining distance is ifinite. CHALLENGE! To all physicists,cosmologists and mathematicians of theworld: disprove THIS if you can. I think not. (Even Stephen Hawking failed tho see the obvious!)you can. I think not. (Even Stephen Hawking failed to see the obvious!)

    My philosophy


    Un orage nocturne illmuna maintenant l'Amazonie, franchis les Andes, envoya des jeux de cartes gigantesques et frappantes en bas à la Pampa –

    Puis: petit déjeuner à melon; café fumant!

    À la bague du cigare tu lis, étonné: GÉOGRAPHIE.

    My poetry in French:


    Schwarzes Birne!
    Aufforderung zur Erotik.

    My poetry in German:

    Fremde Gedichte

    And, finally, I practise I Ching divination:

    ? I CHING !

    And: reciprocity: for mutual benefit, you will do me a favor promoting your own blog on mine!

    The best way to do it is lining up as a Follower, since then your icon will advertise you indefinitely, and I will follow you in return. Let's forge a mighty alliance of synergy and common interest.


    - Peter Ingestad, Sweden

  3. Thank you for commenting :)

    Owl... It makes me happy such a simple set of lines cause any spark at all, even more so when it is someone who, I feel, has such fine taste in life.


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