10 August 2008

Free Rice

To my sideboard I have added a link for FreeRice.com , a game that the Pirate introduced us to about a year ago. It is a vocabulary game which has you choose a word from four that best matches a given word. Every word you get right, the sponsors donate rice through the United Nations World Food Program. Spending a few minutes piddling around with this game is nothing but simple goodness.

I love words and language; one of my other blogs is dedicated to vocabulary and I had the link there. I thought I'd put it here too. I hope you do check it out, and bookmark it.

The one click entry gets you started playing immediately with your first word. You can change the options to let it set a cookie to remember how many grains you have donated or to remember your highest level, etc.

No memberships, no emails, no passwords.

Simple Goodness...now go play.

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