09 September 2008

The Born-Again American

I want to run screaming for my life. There is a sense of urgency, and a palpable element of impending theocracy that makes me truly scared to be an American. Forget the Taliban or Al Qaeda. I'm starting to worry that America is going to be destroyed from the inside, by bible thumping christian extremists who systematically destroy the principles that America was founded on, call it patriotism, and wrap it up in yellow ribbons, packaged in China and sold at Wal-Mart daily. Our founding fathers would be ashamed.

After all the blood that had been shed to secure freedoms in this country and throughout the free world, after gaining ground for civil rights, women's rights, and veteran's rights, America is split half and half over whether or not they want to bring about an era ruled by people who would love nothing more than to indoctrinate the entire population of America's schoolchildren the the creation story as told in a book, as interpreted by ONE faction of religious faith in this country. I am flabbergasted at the gall. "Love it, or Leave it" they cry.

cartoon by Chris Ridell.

YOU are not fit to be an American if you don't want for Jewish children to have to be taught that their people are damned because they don't believe their Christ story.
YOU are not fit to be an American if you don't want to buy a new SUV and fill it up with newly drilled American oil raped straight out of our nations heart in the name of keeping Big Oil at the top of the food chain.
YOU are not fit to be an American if you are white and are voting to 'give the nation to the coloreds' . Don't tell me you haven't said it, I'm a white American sitting in your white living rooms and restaurants listening to you tell me " I know it sounds bad, but I just can't vote for a _____ " Add your own adjective here, could say muslim, black guy, guy who sounds like Osama. Ridiculous.

Yes, that last one bothers me the most. Race relations, as seen from sitting on the whitewashed side of the fence, in America is in terrible shape still. My parents wouldn't allow us to use such labels to describe our neighbors. My brother and I were raised in the military with people of all kinds of nationalities and faiths. We didn't see the disparity because we all lived in the same environment and in the same economic bracket.

Outside of the military's insular society, however, I noticed how deep the roots of race disparity go. I have sat in a trailer living room with a confederate flag as a curtain and heard it. I have been at swanky dinners and heard it. You know, white people in the presence of white companions feeling comfortable enough to still hang on to feelings of racial superiority and voice their complaints against the 'Uppity' members of our nation.

Still, in 2008, when it is proven that there is no biological basis for categorization by race, we draw lines as to which citizens are worthy citizens by the color of their skin. Shame on you.

The ideology of white, christian, males is falling out of favor in the rest of the world, and the last bastion of power, like Rome to the catholics, is America.

Rome fell, I would like you to remember, from the inside. A crumbling myth of a civilization that influenced much, but corrupted itself just the same.

Barack Obama is the symbol to show that at least half of this country has evolved enough in their thinking and realize that it doesn't matter if his father is African. He is American, and he loves this country. He is intelligent to the human struggle from living a life that has brought him into contact with many different ideologies. He knows the reality of humanity and the danger of theocracy.

I love my country, I have traveled the world behind my father and cried and worried over my only sibling, my brother, while he fought.  I don't want to see it go the horrible direction it has been going since Bush took office. McCain and Palin will continue the path taken by their ol pal Dub-ya whether they distance themselves from his figure or not.

Please, wake up, Please, wake up, Please, wake up.....

Vote for Barack Obama ~ Vote for HOPE!

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