01 October 2008


I wasn't really against it at first, but I didn't see much use for Twitter. If you use MySpace or Facebook, you can update what you are doing for your friends to see quite often.

Then I signed up. It was slow at first to show it's charm, then I downloaded the desktop Twitter ap Twirl and followed a couple of people and sites I know and enjoy. While working both online and off, I get tweets from all I follow instantly, alot of the time with a downsized url link for a picture or news story of interest.

It's like a personalized chat room with the world with the ability to control spam and trolls instantly. I'm quickly growing enamored to the on the go ability to keep in touch without having to have a 20 minute conversation or playing with stupid catchpa's everytime you want to buzz a friend.

I'm all A-Twitter, what can I say. Follow me.

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