24 August 2010

Possibilities -Pink Hibiscus

they are endless. Truly.

I have a body of work I have been collecting for years, I've played with web pages and sites and customized to my heart's content, and now it's coming together.

Seriously coming together...
like actually using digital techniques to play with the images more than I ever did. I would only crop or contrast or saturate. Now I'm playing with filters and smudges and stuff I never ventured to before. Designing cards and clothes around the images opens a whole new world, I never glimpsed for myself.

I don't know why I never did. There is a first time for everything, right?

So here's a hibiscus I played with. I am happy with the effect.
Different, changed, but still all mine.

I'm even keeping up this blog a bit more.
Who knows what will happen.

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