22 August 2010


Began last night, and finished this morning.

We went to the pow wow yesterday, and I finally got the burr in my paw to get that coyote out...it  has been howling inside of me for a few weeks now.

This is my very first finished oil pastel picture. I'm happy and now I need to get the turtles out. They have been much more patient. Like, years in the making.

14' x 17'
oil pastel on heavy paper

How cool is that?!


  1. I like it!

    Kinda reminds me of these (someone, a kid, sent them into a wildlife place I used to work. Don't know what happened to the originals but I scanned 'em before they left.)


  2. Still working on the turtles. I'm such a procrastinator. Either that or I just work at a v e r y slow pace.

    Thanks for the pictures. I like the nosey-kissy one.. no, ... I can't decide.


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