02 August 2010

Wood and Grimm

I had a flash of inspiration while I was looking at some of my older paintings. What is MY art journal for if not for recording MY quick thoughts before they slip away. From what I've seen, many people have art journals that are glorious examples of extended scrapbooking.

I hate scrapbooking. (in the new crafty sense, I used to have a scrapbook in the literal sense.)

I read the term 'art journal' when I set out to wrangle my societally induced adult ADD lifestyle and grab my potential by the horns to steer myself where I want to go. To get over my procrastinatory ways, I read I should keep a daily art journal.

I was thinking 'diary with drawings and clippings' then I searched 'art-journal' and I was instantly put off by the idea as it was presented. I kept reading it was supposed to be whatever I wanted, in whatever format.

I wanted online and digital, but I don't think my screen will take but so much paste.

So no pages of collage and decorative wordings. Mine is a diary, and some pictures. I need bones in my diet, and not so much meat. Meat I have... something to hold it up is called for now.

Inspiration flash... I make nice gnarly, woody, and dark. I love to catch expressions... In my mind I saw the expression of a Grimm style heroine peeking from behind a Black Forest tree, her wide eyes, her fingers pressing into the rough bark, the rough bark grabbing at her garb. What she sees is just barely reflected in her liquid and detailed eyes. Most viewers should not notice this until really looking at the painting's nooks and crannies.

This is what I saw when looking at one tiny detail of a completely unrelated painting.

This is what I mean by an art journal.

Ballard Peaches 16x20 oil on stretched canvas.

The peaches were picked off of the tree in my yard. A leftover from when the farm was a peach orchard and fruit stand.

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