04 August 2010

My Sketching Palette

I've never kept a solid journal for longer than maybe four days.

But, now I hear that a way to stave off artist's block and procrastination is to keep an art journal. I looked over several examples, and decided to just dedicate what I have here to that end.
How about starting off with my favorite sketching palette, this is what I start every painting with, then add color as needed.

Burnt Sienna is what I sketch with and use to make black by mixing with the phtalo blue. I then make a greyscale with the white.

I like to sketch with a #4 or #5 round brush. The Burnt Sienna lends an earthy and real base for the shadows, and make a great jumping off place for the color when it comes.

Sketching with paint? Oh, yes. With oil paint, it is possible. It can be moved around in a way that pencils can't be moved, it can be erased...restarted...erased...restarted over and over again.

My first videos from the studio are coming soon. If you have EVER wanted to paint, but never tried, I want for you to try now. I don't care the plethora of reasons you can come up with to discourage your talent of self, just try it. I want to show you how.

Art is not pretentious, people make it so. Everyone is a natural artist, all that is needed is the basic set, an example to start with, and off you go.

It's the little things, like knowing you CAN erase an oil painting. Didn't you listen to what Bob Ross had to say?
'There are no mistakes in painting, only happy accidents'

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  1. Hi,

    I found you through the Blog Hop. I took a look around and thought that your blog is great! So I decided to follow you. Anyway, check out my blog as well: http://johnsmithbooks.blogspot.com/

    Warmest regards,
    John Smith (pen name)

    P.S. - Too bad there are mistakes in writing prose.


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