24 April 2012

Reality is not a Double-Fronted Cookie

It has been driving me silly all week.

I watch TV for entertainment yes, but I also watch to get a glimpse of the man behind the curtain.You know, the one we aren't supposed to pay attention to.

This commercial is a fine example of the little things. It's all in the details no one ever notices except people whose job it is to separate you from your wages, and freaks like me who recognize these details.

Does no one else notice, after she bites the cookie and they flip the camera angle back and forth, the cookie is a 'front' or 'top' in both views?

All cookies have bottoms, yo. But not in never-never land.

I could bitch all day about the veneer that so many people buy into, but either you get what I'm saying, or you don't.

Not to mention... "Bitch ate my COOKIE!" the youtube site comments on this video have me smdh.

Ahh, the public. I'll just sit here and eat my homemade cookie and laugh and laugh.

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