22 August 2010


I have shut out.
For now... quit my steady job to take on students from the local community colleges, again.  It's okay, I love it. However, it is frightening to jump off when you have children to raise on your own.

I have to work extra hard, now. 
The students will trickle in.
My income will be constrained.

I discovered Zazzle. Well... I didn't discover it, but I was made aware. I was so excited, I forget now why I was there to begin with, or how I got there.

I have been painting and taking photographs for years with no feasible (make that free-sible) outlet to attract customers. Or at least without the knowledge of such places... for me, that is. You know... a nobody artist in a sea of nobody artists.  Mine eyes hath been opened.

Anyway, I have just plain stopped the presses of my doing for others, for the time being.
I'm working on my own repetoire.

Who knows... if everyone has been telling me the truth, and I DO have a good eye, a keen brush, and a sharp wit, I should be able to make a brilliant go at it.

I would link to the store, but as of now, the system has the storefronts whacked out, but the designs are out there.

Until then... I'm designing.

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