12 August 2010

Mobile mantid

Checking my mobile settings with an 8x10 mantid work in progress.

It's eyes are a bit alien, I think, I'm not sure where that came from.  This is one part of a larger work with three canvases. It will show a food chain stalking in progress on three levels of canvas depth.

The entire work is based on my own observations. I watched a dragonfly stalk, catch and eat a fly... just a few hours later, I was watching a mantid on my front walk, suddenly, it reached out and grabbed a dragonfly clean out of the air, and gobbled it right down. It was a vicious and delicious fight.

The mantid held the dragonfly and ate it head-first, munching all the way down until it was holding nothing but wings. Wild.


  1. Looks like it is shaping up pretty good.Look forward to seeing the finished triptych!

  2. Thanks! I was thinking of messing with it's eyes, but they are glowingly keen on something, so it may work out as they are.

    I appreciate the feedback :)


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